hmmmmmmm. i am hoping that this will be a philosophical post. *fingers crossed* even though they arent really crossed. soooo, how to distinguish what is right or wrong?

so, a thought popped into my head today during my A2 philosophy class whilst we were discussing the problem of evil. how can we (as individuals) find out whether an action that we do is right or wrong. majority of people would use the law set for the population to figure out whether what they are doing is wrong or right. obviously, people are not using their own initiatives, they are not “following their hearts”. as cliche as it seems … its true. nobody knows us better than ourselves. at the end of the day, we are the people who make decision regardless of other people’s opinions. so, the laws that have been set aside for us were once created and formed by man … a man who followed his heart/guts/instinct/whatever you would like to call it. thus, instead of following his own perspective, why dont we follow our own? i know that all the laws created were not made by one man, but im saying that whoever created them was thinking for themselves … if you get that jist of the point i am trying to make.

however, then comes the aspect or morality and challenges to religious belief. we may sometimes think that it is morally acceptable to kill someone as we are following our hearts – although, i am not talking in this retrospect. i am more swayed towards minor issues such as love, cheating, affairs – stuff that really doesnt entail legal issues. religion also creates challenges and barriers, are people really willing to put aside the word of God for their own beliefs? think about it.Image


teen stuff.

okay so as a teen i have many conflicts through high school which i feel that i need to expose. however, i would also like to state that due to my reluctant and lazy nature, i do not have the energy to incorporate capital letters and sufficient grammar into my blog posts. to be honest, it is not even essential because as long as the reader understands what i am rambling about, it does not matter. omg, you see how easy i get off topic.

okay i think by talking about high school stuff blabla its makes me cliche, and by stating different views its also cliche because everyone wants to bring something different to the table. so in all honesty, everything that could ever be said is cliche. right? if you think about it… or maybe this late hour is getting to me? hmm.

alrightio (you see the dialect/sociolect is shining through now). so in every high school, a teenage girl faces the ultimate bitch (yes im blunt) within school which they despire. although, some of us are fortunate to not face the wrath of an arch enemy. the way to survive high school whilst having enemies is to ignore them. ignorance is bliss – one wise person once said. learning to ignore somebody is actually an art that requires practise, just like KA-RA-TAY (karate). we all have the impulse within us but we must learn to supress it Imageand not engage in conflict. think about it like this, what would satisfy/aggrivate you from your arch enemy? you’d feel satisfied if she engaged in verbal conflcit with you and you ‘destroyed’ her right? so don’t do it, because she feels exactly the same as you do. YEAH. its getting so damn late, i really should be sleeping because i honestly feel like this is all nonsense.

extra note; sorry for writing in regards to a female arch enemy – i do not impose sexism at all. if its not applicable to you its BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIVE IN THE GREAT BRITAINNIA (uk) lol. so peace my minions and follwo/like my blog. mwah mwah.

greetings eathlings.

I honestly have no idea what the purpose of this blog. If I have to be honest, I would say that I was inspired by the fictional character Jenna Marbles from the American show Awkward. I think her name is Jenna Marbles :/ that would be awkward if it’s wrong. LOL. Get the pun? Maybe not. Regardless, I have a slight hope that I receive some sort of recognition for this blog. Perhaps some comments? Is that even available on wordpress. God knows. I google searched ‘blog’ and after rummaging through several websites, I came across wordpress. Seems convenient so I opted for it. That’s it for my first blog.